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SN65 (es-en-siks-ti-fiv), n., a car, comprised of 1965 Mustang fastback styling, and propelled by 2003 SVT Cobra technology, and meant for traveling on streets, roads, highways, race tracks and road courses

Introducing the SN65 Project
The worlds only 1965 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra

You enter the show and are amazed by the cars on display.  As you walk the floor, a flash of yellow catches your eye.  You turn around and see what, at first glance, looks like a tastefully modified 65 fastback.  You recognize the clean classic lines, but somehow, this car is different.  You can’t put your finger on it, so you come for a closer look.  What you find is something unique.

As you casually look over the car you immediately notice the Flawless bodywork lovingly enveloped with 05 Ford Mustang Screaming Yellow paint.  The car looks different, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.  As you walk around the car, you are struck by the stance.  The car is low, aggressive, and almost sinister in appearance.  More and more details start to register.  The flared fenders and quarter panels.  The subtle air intake located in the lower valance.  The shaved drip rails.  Etc...


As you direct your attention to the engine bay you expect to see the typical 302 or 351.  Instead you find a blown 4.6 Cobra engine with updated mechanical and electrical systems throughout (including AC, hydro-boost power steering and breaks, ABS, traction control, etc…).  As you closely examine the engine bay you can’t help but notice how clean the installation is.  All the wiring harnesses and plumbing runs look as if they were fabricated and installed at the factory.  Also, you notice that the car still has shock towers, but they are different than those found in your typical 65 and these are toped by caster camber plates usually found on MacPherson strut front suspensions.


Your curiosity gets the best of you and you look under the car.  There you see the rack and pinion system as well as the independent rear suspension, dual exhaust with catalytic converters, 03 gas tank, etc...  As you cast your eyes from front to back you realize that the entire car (at least from underneath that is) looks just like a brand new 03 Cobra.

Looking to the interior you find a beautiful blend of the past and the present.  The 65 doors and rear surround have been painted and upholstered to match the color and texture of the 03 cobra dash and center console.  All the current safety features (air bags, etc…) and electronics have been retained.  As with the rest of the car, everything looks as if it were fabricated and installed at the factory.

Your mind races as you start to soak it all in.  What the???  How did they???

What have we done?

What we have done is taken a slightly different approach to “rest-o-moding”.

The current trend is to update a classic car with as much of today’s technology as possible.  After all, who doesn’t love driving a classic that has been updated with all the comforts and conveniences today’s technology can offer.

For this particular project, we wanted to "transplant" every last mechanical and electrical function found in an 03 Cobra into a 1965 Mustang fastback.  We feel, as many, that the 2003 Cobra Terminator was the most technologically advanced Mustang ever produced.  And that the 1965 Mustang fastback is one of, if not the finest example of automotive styling ever to roll off a Michigan assembly line.  So, in our way of thinking, transplanting the heart and soul of the 03 terminator into a 65 fastback would result in the ultimate Mustang.  The Mustang of our dreams.  But, how do you seamlessly integrate every last electrical and mechanical system, of two cars manufactured 40 years apart, into one?

We gave a lot of consideration to a number of different plans, but ultimately, we decided that the best way solve these issues was to reverse the process as most tend to approach it.  To achieve our goal we have taken a 03 Cobra and peeled away the uni-body structure all the way down to the inner rocker panels, leaving us with a rolling SN95 chassis.  Then we took a 65 fastback and completely removed all the uni-body structure between the rocker panels and dropped the entire body over the 03 Cobra chassis.  While this took a great deal of up front engineering and planning, the result is without-a-doubt breathtaking (at least from our perspective).  In effect, we were able to engineer a totally unique uni-body and created a car that is a perfect mix of SVT Cobra and 65 fastback.

Along with the looks comes a car that performs better than either of the donor cars ever could individually.  Modifications to the chassis, suspension and drivetrain make for a formidable road car.  One that out performs many of the exotic sports cars produced today.  One of the benefits of the 65 profile is that stretching the SN95 chassis 7” not only improves the performance, but also vastly improves ride quality.

To truly appreciate this project you really need to see it in person.  Or better yet, you need to take it for a ride.  Contact Julian's today and schedule a test drive.  You will be happy you did.




Longitudinally mounted, 90-degree V8, cast iron block with aluminum heads, fully counterweighted forged crankshaft

Bore x Stroke

90.2mm x 90.0mm


4,601 cc; 280 cu. In.

Compression ratio



640 @ 6,000 rpm


624 @ 3,500 rpm

Specific output

139.13 horsepower per liter


6,500 rpm (fuel shut-off occurs at 6,500 rpm)


Double overhead camshafts, chain drive to exhaust cams, secondary chains from exhaust to intake cams, roller finger followers with hydraulic lash adjustment, oval wire beehive-shaped valve springs, four valves per cylinder

Intake valves

2 per cylinder, 37mm head diameter

Exhaust valves

2 per cylinder, 30mm head diameter

Ignition system

Distributorless coil-on-plug

Fuel system

Sequential electronic fuel injection

Induction system

Eaton Corporation Generation IV Roots-type supercharger with water to air intercooler

Boost pressure

8.0 psi maximum

Intake manifold

Cast aluminum, tuned equal length runners

Throttle body

90mm single bore

Mass-air sensor

90mm diameter

Exhaust manifolds

Cast iron

Exhaust system

Dual, stainless steel, 2.5-inch diameter with polished exhaust tips


Rear axle

8.8-in. ring gear with 3.55:1 limited-slip differential, aluminum case


Aluminum, with hardened yoke and U-joints


TTC T-56 6 speed manual




31-spline with increased capacity

















Final drive




Modified MacPherson strut system with gas-charged Bilstein monotube dampers and separate 600 lb./in. coil over springs, 29mm tubular stabilizer bar, optional Maximum Motorsports upgrade


Multi-link independent system, cast iron upper control arm, aluminum lower control arm, fixed toe-control tie rod, aluminum spindle, gas-charged Bilstein monotube dampers with 600 lb./in. coil springs, 26mm tubular stabilizer bar, optional Maximum Motorsport upgrade



Rack and pinion, power assist

Gear ratio


Turns, lock-to-lock


Turning diameter




13.0 in. (330mm) vented Brambo disc, PBR twin piston caliper


11.65 in. (296mm) vented disc, single piston caliper


Four-channel, four-sensor system



17 x 8.5 in. front, 17 x 9.5 in. rear, 5 spoke, cast aluminum-alloy, machined surface, exposed lugs, optional 18 in. Forged 3 piece, polished Forgeline Comp wheels


Goodyear Eagle F1, Optional Toyo T1-R



108 in.




49 in.


61.3 in.

Track, f/r

58.8 in. / 60.3 in.

Head room

38.1 in.

Leg room


Curb weight

3,620 lb.

Fuel Capacity

15.7 gallons (59.4 liters)

Weight dist. f/r

55.5% / 44.5%



Screaming Yellow


Dark Charcoal with Medium Graphite Accents


·          Driver and passenger airbags.  Always wear your safety belt.

·          Independent rear suspension (IRS)

·          Anti-lock break system

·          SecuriLock passive anti-theft system

·          Articulated sport seats

·          Tilt Steering wheel

·          Kenwood stereo

·          Power Equipment Group: Power side windows, power door locks, power deck lid release

·          Air conditioning

·          Speed control

·          Front floor mats

·          Dual illuminated visor mirrors

·          Remote keyless illuminated entry


·          Maximum Motorsports tuned suspension system

1.        MacPherson strut front suspension featuring custom offset tubular lower control arms with delron bushings and 350 lb./in. coil over springs

2.        IRS rear suspension featuring factory upper and lower control arms fit with delron bushings and 525 lb./in. coil over springs, aluminum differential bushings with adjustable pinion angle

·          Mystachrome Appearance Package  Includes MystaChrome color-shifting paint; color shifting leather interior trim (seat inserts and steering wheel); and polished wheels

·          18” Forgeline 3 piece polished comp wheels

·          Rear spoiler




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IO&M Manuals

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Recommended suppliers

Ford Racing Performance Parts
For create engines, engine blocks and assembly components, suspension, electrical, etc... Ford racing is always my first choice.  They have the knowledge and expertise to make any project car a success.

DSS Racing
These engine building experts know all the ins and outs of building reliable high performance Ford engines.  If you are in need of a state of the art, high performance Ford engine, built to the highest quality standards, these are your guys.

Bowler Performance Transmissions
If you are looking for a transmission for your project car, look no further than Bowler.  They know the ins and outs of transmissions like no other.  Before making any decision on a trans call Bowler.  You will be happy you did.

HTP Welding
We have been using their welding and plasma equipment in the shop for quite a while.  They are a quality product that we have found them to be rugged and very reliable.  We recommend them highly.  If you are looking for welding equipment for your shop or home check out the line of equipment offered by HTP.

Whipple Superchargers
Quality, durability, performance and style all played a part in choosing Whipple as a supplier.  Those things combined with their customer service and the fact that Ford uses them as a supplier made them the obvious choice for the SN65 project.

We chose them as a supplier because of their sound, but we have been blown away by their quality and ease of installation.  If you like the sound as I do, you cannot go wrong with their products.

They are the first name I think of when the topic of clutches come up.  The product we are using on this project is new, so we cannot comment on the quality as of yet, but I have never been disappointed in the past.

We were referred to Toyo by a racing friend of ours and are we ever grateful.  We have tried two different versions of the Toyo Proxies and these tires grip like no other tire we have ever used.  I have recommended them to a few friends and they all say the same thing.  These tires are the best they ever mounted to a set of rims.

They have always been my choice for early mustang restoration parts.  They offer competitive prices, friendly staff and fast delivery.

Riggs Brothers
We have used custom upholstery shops in the past, but none can compare to Riggs Brothers.  The attention to detail and the quality of the work is beyond compare.  If you need upholstery work of any kind (marine, automotive, etc...) and you want it done right call on Riggs Brothers.

When we first realized that the stock 03 Cobra rims were not going to give us the final fit we desired, we scoured the net for alternatives.  Nothing that was available as a "stock" rim was going to solve our particular wheel fitment issues.  When Forgeline heard that we were having troubles, they stepped up with the best possible solution.  Doug is great to work with and their product is exceptional.  If you are looking for a custom set of wheels to solve any type of issue, give them a call.

Speed Inc & Kurgan Motor Sports
The fellows at Speed Inc really helped us out when we were in a pinch.  We needed dyno time and they bent over backwards to help us out.  On top of that, the tune on the car is fantastic.  Bob Kurgan did the tune and I really could not ask for more.  Excellent attention to detail and they work hard to achieve your personal goals.  If you are in the Chicago area and need your late model Stang tuned, these are the guys to go to.

The Color Shop
The Color Shop is our major supplier of auto body supplies.  We cannot recommend them highly enough.  If you need it, they have it.  There service and expertise are both exceptional.  If you need auto body supplies, go to The Color Shop.  You will be happy you did. (708) 547 -0855

3M's automotive aftermarket division offers a complete line of products covering frame and body repair, paint preparation and everything in between.  We use all their masking, sanding, plastic repair and paint protection products in our shop.  Quality products at a reasonable price.

As far as we are concerned, there is only one paint system worth using and that is PPG.  They offer everything from factory correct paint systems to full out custom paint products.  For those looking for something a bit different, look at their "Hot Wheels, Spectraflame and Vibrance" series paints.