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- Samuel Johnson

Welcome to Julian's...

We wish to extend to you a warm welcome as you visit our website. On this site you will find information on our classic car restorations, custom creations as well as an overview of the products and services we offer.  This site is intended to give you a feel for the level of detail and quality we pour into each and every project.  At the bottom of every page you will find our phone number.  Please keep this in mind as you bourse the site, and give us a call If you have any comments or questions.

At Julian's we have had the honor and privilege to build some of the nicest rides on the road today.  Our goal, with every project, is to produce the finest example of the automotive art physically possible.

Today, there are many directions you can go with your classic car project, whereas, in the past, there was really only one.  That was 100% concourse.  Today, the market is much more open to modified classic cars as well as full blown customs.  In the end the choice is yours.  Call Julian's today and we will be happy to discuss all the options available to you.  Whether your dream is for a 100% concourse correct "classic car restoration" or a "one-of-a-kind" custom, Julian's will help make your dream car a reality.

Concourse Restorations
When we build a 100% concourse restoration, we painstakingly restore your car to it's original glory.  True classic cars deserve to be lovingly restored back to their original state in every way, shape and form.  This includes everything.  All the inspection tags, inspection marks, factory correct hoses and connectors as well as the correct paint and surface textures.  When complete, your car will look exactly as it did the day it rolled off the original factory assembly line.


When building a modified, we follow the same overall plan as when building a concourse restoration.  The difference being that instead of "restoring" the car to factory standards, we re-manufacture the car with current parts and materials.  Show quality paint, high performance drivetrains as well as performance suspension modifications are the typical upgrades, but creature comfort modifications also rank high on the list.



Full Custom
When building a full custom, all the rules go out the window.  Here is where your imagination can spring to life and your wildest fantasies come true.  Our goal when building a full custom is to make it look as if the car rolled off a production assembly line.  Granted, it will be an assembly line like none in automotive history.  Our customs, while produced to the highest show quality standards, are designed and built to be driven.  These ultra high end show cars feel just as "at home" on the track (drag strip or road course) as they do on the street.  True power, performance and show stopping looks are the goal.

With that said, the first thing you will find when working with Julian's is our uncompromising attention to detail.  While some believe we carry this philosophy to the extreme, we believe it is what separates us, and our cars, from the rest of the crowd.

NOTE:  All projects are painted and detailed on a rotisserie

Picking the right shop...

Picking the right shop to build your dream car is a daunting proposition.  There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of decisions to be made during a build.  And, of the many decisions you need to make, picking the right shop is the single most important decision in the entire process.  Picking the right builder is the difference between a dream come true, or a never ending nightmare.

At Julian's, our soul purpose is turning your dream car into reality.  Whether it is a high level concourse restoration or a one off custom, we strive to meet your every expectation.  We structure the build around your desires and expectations.  And in doing so, we pay excruciating attention to every last detail.  And, when all is said and done, the difference between a "typical" builder and a "quality" builder is in the details.  We follow this philosophy right down to every last nut and bolt.  So...  If you need a builder who strives for the finest workmanship possible.  If you need a builder who pays attention to every last detail.  If you need a builder who pours their heart and soul into every project as if it were their own, then Julian's is the builder for you.

Our central U.S. location allows us to pickup and deliver cars all over the country.  So, don't let our location deter you from receiving the quality you deserve - we've been restoring vehicles from all points around the country for years.  Also, we will post photos of your build on a privet net directory for you to see every step along the way.

And now for the particulars...

We undertake projects on a labor and materials basis, only. Due to the many variables, obstacles and factors typically faced in a custom build or restoration, we simply can not provide estimates as to labor requirements or price estimates at any phase of the build, nor do we accept any project on a budget basis. We love customers who want to be involved with their project.  Their involvement assures us that we are on the right track and they have a full understanding of all the labor and materials it took to bring a project to its current state.

At regular intervals we post the following information to our customers website.

  1. Billing Invoices
  2. Time Summaries
  3. Labor Records
  4. Phone Call Logs
  5. Photos of Repairs

In Closing, a word to the wise...

Every so often, we are contacted by customers who have their project at a "shop" where the project is languishing with little or no work being done.  This is more common that you would like to believe.  A common scenario goes like this...

The shop owner talks about the project with the customer, assures him that he can handle the job and can restore or build their vehicle for "X" number of dollars at a labor rate of "Y" in a time frame of "Z".  At this point several things can go wrong, as we have heard from many heart broken people.

  1. Many times, the "shop" may use your project as "fill in work" when and IF they ever slow down on their "regular" jobs.  This rarely if ever works out to your satisfaction.  At first you are very understanding.  Most likely, you were quoted a good rate and you figure a little aggravation is worth the dollars you will save.  As the project continues to languish you get more and more frustrated.  After a while the relationship deteriorates and becomes adversarial.  When this happens, there is no saving the project.  You end up pulling the project out of the shop, but not until you pay for the "cough" work-in-progress.
  2. Sometimes, after the shop is a few hundred hours into the project, the shop realizes that they may have bit off a bit more then they could chew.  When this happens they may cut way back on your job or not even work on it at all.  Refer to scenario #1 for the end results.
  3. Many times, the shop may have realized that they priced the job wrong and they will not make adequate profit if they continue.  They tell you that they will get back to it as soon as they can, but more times then not, they never do. Again, refer to scenario #1 for the end results.

In the past we have taken in this type of "already started" project.  After taking inventory of the project we found that all the parts were thrown around in a few boxes and nothing was tagged or bagged as to location, nor was it photographed properly. In addition many of the parts were actually missing, lost or ????.  On top of that, more times than not,  the work is of questionable quality and much has to be reworked or replaced.  These basket case, mega parts missing project makes for a much more time consuming and ultimately costly project than it needed to be.  All this because their dream was not approached by a facility that specializes in Restoration-Custom Cars.

Your project deserves the attention to quality and an organized approach that Julian's provides.  Bring your project to Julian's with confidence.


Click Here to see all the products and services we offer on our on-line store.

IO&M Manuals

Click here to see the IO&M manuals for our products.

Recommended suppliers

Ford Racing Performance Parts
For create engines, engine blocks and assembly components, suspension, electrical, etc... Ford racing is always my first choice.  They have the knowledge and expertise to make any project car a success.

DSS Racing
These engine building experts know all the ins and outs of building reliable high performance Ford engines.  If you are in need of a state of the art, high performance Ford engine, built to the highest quality standards, these are your guys.

Bowler Performance Transmissions
If you are looking for a transmission for your project car, look no further than Bowler.  They know the ins and outs of transmissions like no other.  Before making any decision on a trans call Bowler.  You will be happy you did.

HTP Welding
We have been using their welding and plasma equipment in the shop for quite a while.  They are a quality product that we have found them to be rugged and very reliable.  We recommend them highly.  If you are looking for welding equipment for your shop or home check out the line of equipment offered by HTP.

Whipple Superchargers
Quality, durability, performance and style all played a part in choosing Whipple as a supplier.  Those things combined with their customer service and the fact that Ford uses them as a supplier made them the obvious choice for the SN65 project.

We chose them as a supplier because of their sound, but we have been blown away by their quality and ease of installation.  If you like the sound as I do, you cannot go wrong with their products.

They are the first name I think of when the topic of clutches come up.  The product we are using on this project is new, so we cannot comment on the quality as of yet, but I have never been disappointed in the past.

We were referred to Toyo by a racing friend of ours and are we ever grateful.  We have tried two different versions of the Toyo Proxies and these tires grip like no other tire we have ever used.  I have recommended them to a few friends and they all say the same thing.  These tires are the best they ever mounted to a set of rims.

They have always been my choice for early mustang restoration parts.  They offer competitive prices, friendly staff and fast delivery.

Riggs Brothers
We have used custom upholstery shops in the past, but none can compare to Riggs Brothers.  The attention to detail and the quality of the work is beyond compare.  If you need upholstery work of any kind (marine, automotive, etc...) and you want it done right call on Riggs Brothers.

When we first realized that the stock 03 Cobra rims were not going to give us the final fit we desired, we scoured the net for alternatives.  Nothing that was available as a "stock" rim was going to solve our particular wheel fitment issues.  When Forgeline heard that we were having troubles, they stepped up with the best possible solution.  Doug is great to work with and their product is exceptional.  If you are looking for a custom set of wheels to solve any type of issue, give them a call.

Speed Inc & Kurgan Motor Sports
The fellows at Speed Inc really helped us out when we were in a pinch.  We needed dyno time and they bent over backwards to help us out.  On top of that, the tune on the car is fantastic.  Bob Kurgan did the tune and I really could not ask for more.  Excellent attention to detail and they work hard to achieve your personal goals.  If you are in the Chicago area and need your late model Stang tuned, these are the guys to go to.

The Color Shop
The Color Shop is our major supplier of auto body supplies.  We cannot recommend them highly enough.  If you need it, they have it.  There service and expertise are both exceptional.  If you need auto body supplies, go to The Color Shop.  You will be happy you did. (708) 547 -0855

3M's automotive aftermarket division offers a complete line of products covering frame and body repair, paint preparation and everything in between.  We use all their masking, sanding, plastic repair and paint protection products in our shop.  Quality products at a reasonable price.

As far as we are concerned, there is only one paint system worth using and that is PPG.  They offer everything from factory correct paint systems to full out custom paint products.  For those looking for something a bit different, look at their "Hot Wheels, Spectraflame and Vibrance" series paints.